quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2016

Tuning dial is the heart

"Consider your own body being made mostly of space.

Close your eyes and experience the space that you’re made of and the space around you vibrating like a crystal.
Then imagine that the rate of vibration of your biocrystal structure in the structure of the vacuum, is equivalent to the information pouring in and out of you, in the same way that a crystal radio set tuned to a certain frequency allows you to hear a specific radio station.

In the body, if the brain is the antennae of the radio set, the tuning dial is the heart, which defines the frequency of information received through the fluid dynamics rhythm of your body, and which can be altered by your emotional state."

 Nassim Haramein

"Memory is not a function of the brain directly, 
but is a function of the brain accessing the information in the vacuum. 
So the brain is like a radio." 

Nassim Haramein

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