sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016

................................flower of life

The geometric configuration 
that theorize the structure 
of the quantum vacuum fluctuations 
of space-time itself...

Circles tangential to each other on the left then expanded by 200% on the right form the flower of life: the field patterning of the quantum vacuum fluctuations that make-up the very fabric of space-time...

"The seeds of Unified Physics go back a long way in the history of scientific theory. 
In some of the earliest historical records of human culture we find civilizations around the world that believed in the presence of a unifying field of energy that surrounds and permeates all things. 
This dynamic energy field provided an underlying organizing framework and was considered by some to be the source of life energy within biological systems, being given such names as chi (China/Asia), ki (Japan), and prana (India)
In the early pursuits of science and physics (going as far back as Plato, in fact) it was often referred to as the aether and was proposed to be the medium through which light traveled. Though it was eliminated from the general scientific paradigm in the early 20th century, the indications for an underlying field persists as being inherent in the fundamentals of physics.”

 – Resonance Science Foundation

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