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If you (hypothetically) gave a blind person a traditional Rubik's cube and asked them to make a move once per second, they could have worked on it since the big bang and sill not have ordered the colors on the faces randomly, by chance.

Without a feedback loop of information letting you know if you are getting closer to or further away from the solution (being able to see the colors), it would take more a lot longer than 13.8 billion years to randomly come upon the solution to something with 43 quintillion (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) possible permutations.

However, given the proper feedback of being able to see a Rubik's cube, it has been calculated that any cube can be solved in no more than 20 moves. So, by moving your hands once per second you could technically solve any Rubik's cube in 20 seconds or less
(some people can actually do it in under 6 seconds!)

The difference between 20 seconds and 13.8 billion years is quite a difference and it all comes down to wether you have a feedback loop of information or not, self-informing the system. It certainly seems like the universe has a serious feedback loop of information to, for example, be able to order all the 100 trillion atoms that make up each of your 100 trillion cells and have them all perfectly communicating with each other so that all we have to do is eat, drink, sleep and dream and our biology does the rest.

WE (all biology) ARE 
the feedback mechanism the universe uses 
to learn more about itself...

Nassim Haramein

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