segunda-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2018


Pode ser mais um capricho
pode ser uma paixão
pode ser coisa de bicho
pode não.

Pode ser já por destino
pelos astros, pelos signos
por uma marca, uma estrela
talvez já estivesse escrito
na palma da minha mão.

Talvez não…

Talvez até nem fique
nem signifique nada
nem me arranhe o coração
pode ser só uma cisma
pode estar só de passagem

Ou não.

Bruna Lombardi
in, O Perigo do Dragão

A Guide To Earth’s Extraterrestrial Races

Lately we have had to focus on the negative aliens of the Draco species as well their negative Grays and Reptilians consorts in order to expose the matrix agenda.
There are astral taps that exist as a part of their matrix program and they needed to be identified in order to recognize them more easily.

We will now move to a neutral perspective in order to explore the origin, evolution, and qualities of some of the extraterrestrials tied to the planet at this time.

As I have mentioned, there are positive and negative beings within each extraterrestrial race.

We exist within a Universe of free will which allows duality to be present; good and bad, right and wrong. I posted an In5d article that has some information from Wes Penre on his viewpoint of identifying good and bad races, called Extraterrestrial Races: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly.
In a world without the matrix and duality, we could easily imagine seeing ourselves side by side with an array of different beings not unlike the Cantina bar in the movie Star Wars. The future holds this time, and we are rapidly bringing it forward in the now.
In order to accept others into our lives, it is helpful to recognize who we really are.

We have had many lives and experiences that we are currently drawing upon. 
There are many races of extraterrestrials here on, in, and around the planet at this time. 
When I came across the information I am sharing with you from Amariah on her website, it was of great interest to me to wonder whether I had lives as Zeta Reticulans, Reptilians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Aliens, Felines, or Pleiadians. 
Of course there are many other races including Sirians, Lyrans, etc., but they are not mentioned in this particular source of information.

You may have characteristics that stand out more than others that match some of these extra terrestrial races:

Zeta Reticulan Grays

Place of Origin: These beings are a product of this universe. They originally developed in the Zeta Reticuli binary star system, which is about 39 light years from Earth.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist in 4D and some are evolving into 5D

Appearance: These look like the gray alien image so commonly known today. There are many forms, but they generally all have large heads, big black eyes, spindly bodies, and grayish skin with many color variations.  They range in size from 3-6’ in height and can have 3-5 long fingers and some are webbed.  They are less physically dense than we are, yet retain use of a body form and can change their physical vessels for different purposes.

Evolution:  Zetas are ahead of us by a few million years or so.  They started in the Zeta Reticuli system, but have become space travelers and many spend their entire existence in space.  The variety of Zeta appearances is because of their extensive travel and settlement in different environment and their adaptation to space and time travel. However, since they became aware long ago that their consciousness is not their physical container, they consciously can move into different bodies.  They tend to stick with a form that suits their jobs or roles at any given time.  They are highly technologically and scientifically advanced.  Various gray species have different histories, and some are known to have over emphasized their focus on technology to the detriment of other qualities.  But, most have now evolved to be able to integrate with their technology in a symbiotic relationship and have learned to balance their spirituality with their technological dependency.  They understand that their tools also have consciousness and they work with that consciousness. These beings have been involved with the evolution of many 3D species, including humans, because of their advances in genetic engineering and their ability to still work within a 3D environment.

Qualities:  Telepathic, telekinetic, high mental function.  They appear emotionless, but are experts at reading frequency and do not need physical expression to relay feeling. They are scientific problem solvers, see through time and space and are energy transformers.

Abilities:  Zetas can integrate with the consciousness of anything, and they create this way. Their ships and equipment respond to their telepathic communication and are considered live beings.  They are time travelers and can shift from 3D to 4D and can move others through these dimensions as well, by shifting their frequency. They operate from heightened emotional states, and thus are not influenced by denser emotions. They can manipulate energy fields, which allows them to heal and create mental projections and alter sensations.

Specialties: Zetas are called upon for upgrading species from 3D to 4D.  They do this with genetic methods to which there is an energetic component, and through teaching spiritual principles to help species learn to use their psychic acumen.  They are evolutionary helpers and also guardians that watch over species progression.  Zetas also assist with modulating star seed energies to integrate with 3D physical bodies for incarnation.

Basic Needs: Connection and understanding.  Zetas live for their sense of interconnectedness.  If they lose this they feel lost.  They also need the understanding that comes with connecting to one another and all beings and hence form collectives that work together to solve problems.

Focus: Advancement and species evolution. Zetas are excited and motivated by evolution and the integration of species and how the soul can evolve by means of experiencing different forms.

Involvement with Earth: The Zetas have been involved with Earth periodically since the first life forms were established here, and with humanity since their earliest evolutionary leaps. They have always been here as guardians and aids in our development and in assisting with DNA upgrades. They have been asked by galactic councils to create an Earth human/Zeta hybrid in order to help humans leap to a new level of consciousness and further the ongoing universal human expression.

The Zetas have obtained a reputation for their much misunderstood abductions and human experiments.  It has been surmised by many that they do these abductions to obtain DNA from human beings in order prolong their own species, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  They already have the skill to clone their bodies, which are well adapted for space travel, and shift their souls into new bodies.  They are far from a dying species.  They do not feel fear the way humans do, and thus they appear cold to this emotion.  It is seen by many beings that fear is a detriment to human evolution and galactic relations.  Hence, this is one of the attributes the Zetas are attempted to diminish in the new hybrids.  It is true that these hybrids will not exist on Earth alone, and that Zeta beings will in some cases transfer their consciousness into these hybrids, as will Earth souls.  They are meant to be an evolutionary leap of potential expression for many in the universe to experience.  If you think this is playing God, please read the pages on Soul Origin and Purpose.

Guides for Humanity:  E2s (4D collective of evolutionary teachers), Meleah (Zeta/Hyman Hybrid from the future)

Star seeds: There are millions of Zeta souls incarnate on Earth.   There are also Zeta Hybrids that are humans being born with advanced Zeta DNA.  They look just like any human being, though sometimes they have striking features like larger heads and eyes. The updated advanced hybrids are born in the 80’s with more Zeta DNA.  Later hybrids have even more refined Zeta qualities that can be activated.  Many of the Indigo and Crystal children are activating Zeta DNA.  Not all the hybrids have a Zeta soul and not all Zeta star seeds are hybrids.  Each are playing their roles in spurring the human evolutionary shift.  Often the Zeta souls are acting as activators of other’s abilities in some way or another.  They are often teachers, guides and can be healers as well.  They are usually considered “out there” thinkers as they see beyond physical limits. This can make them seem lazy at times, because they do not get why they can’t just move things with their minds.  Communication can be difficult also, because they don’t always compute physical gestures and the limits of verbal language.  These starseeds are usually advanced in some way.  They think and create using their imagination and by tapping into astral knowledge and surrounding energy fields.  These hybrid’s and Zeta souls are teaching and becoming the future potential of humanity of Earth.    Incidentally, some of these hybrids visit or communicate with Earth from what you consider the future.  These hybrids are an evolutionary success story in the future of this galaxy.


Place of Origin: The Draconian beings originally came from another universe after the universe already created stars and planets and the Avian and Feline races were already developing here billions of years ago. They established themselves in the Draco and Orion constellation regions and then set out to conquer other worlds.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: The original Reptilian master race is Draconian, which have the form of Dragons.  They are huge winged beings of immense power.  There are now many forms of Reptilian beings in the universe.  Some are fully reptilian, and some are human reptilian hybrids.

Evolution:  The Draconian race came in small numbers after this universe was formed.  They found and opened the gateway that is in the Lyran Constellation.  They were a renegade group whose motives were to find new lands to conquer and to multiply.  They became a menace to many evolving worlds and did not abide by limits of interference set by creator beings and angelic consciousness.  The Reptilians developed a disturbing reputation in this universe.  But, the Draconian Royal lineage has since evolved to a high stature and they cooperate in guiding creation in the universe.  There are many Reptilian races that are still war like and a bit rough.  While others have evolved to find the power within their heart centers and are a powerful positive force in creating new civilizations.

Qualities: Strength, stamina, intense, influential, bold and aggressive, refined instincts, builders, honorable, brave, loyal, protective.  Beneath the tough skin they have hearts of gold when they activate this from within. Prone to outbursts of sentiment that can be overwhelming to other races.

Abilities:  They tend to see advantages in all situations and can strategize ways to effectively complete any goal. Instincts are acute.  They sense motives and some say they smell fear and weakness, but also strengths.  Many species are only crudely telepathic, if at all, thus they often depend on telepathic translators in their galactic dealings. But, again, their instinctual prowess serves them well. They also can energetically shapeshift into other beings.

Specialties: Reptilians will get the job done no matter what it takes.  They are social builders and can see how talents can best be used to accomplish tasks.  They establish effective hierarchies and rules to make teams succeed.  Higher dimensional Reptilians are called upon to bring order and direction to common pursuits.  They bring loyalty and sense of duty to endeavors.

Basic Needs: Respect and Order.  Reptilians generally need others to respect their strength and instincts. They have strong desires to bring order out of chaos.

Focus: Bringing spirit of accomplishment, duty, loyalty, courage and order to all situations.  Evolving Reptilians seek to reveal the strength within their hearts and to use this power to elevate projects.

Involvement with Earth: The Draconian race created the Dinosaurs on Earth.  They were an early experiment in for Gaia consciousness.   Then it was agreed by universal councils that there was time for new life to blossom on Earth, but that reptiles would remain in smaller forms. Much later, after humans were evolved in sentience, a 4D Reptilian race became involved in enslaving human beings to do their bidding and there was some genetic mixing that occurred without permission from guardians of Earth.  This race and other Reptilian beings are trying to rectify this mistake now.  Earth humans still have Reptilian DNA.  It is hoped that the positive aspects of this can be strengthened in the race. Much of the overly aggressive and militant behaviors of humans came from these genes that were not planned for. There is also much resentment and negative influence from this early Reptilian influence that exists energetically in the astral field of Earth and human collective consciousness.

Guide for Humanity: Crestonia (12D Draconian Queen)

Star seeds: The Reptilians souls on Earth today are often from 5D evolved races that are here to remedy the negative influences from past reptilian beings.  They are heart centered with a profound power to use their loyalty and sense of duty to awaken unconditional love on Earth.  Hidden beneath what may appear to be guarded nature, lies a huge capacity to transcend differences and find acceptance for all walks of life. These souls are often leaders in whatever they do.  They make wonderful group coordinators and event organizers and will usually finish what they start.  They can come across too strong or boisterous, and some may say arrogant.  But again, when they let down the guard that covers their heart, they reveal an amazing gift that allows them to see the love and talents of others and lead them to accomplish great things. These souls are often attracted to politics, community groups, the military, corporate structures, building contracting, or anything that makes use of their skills to organize, lead and build something.  However, even if they do solitary activities, such as writing a book, they will give it sound structure and will gather everything they need with diligence and internal heart. Note that some can see the Reptilian soul within these humans and will think they are shapeshifting.  Since humans have Reptilian DNA it is easy for these souls to incarnate within the human form and their true appearance can be seen by some.


Place of Origin: These are our galactic neighbors, only 2.5 million light years away.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: There are many types of Andromedans, just as there are many different beings in our Milky Way Galaxy. Three types of Andromedans have telepathically contacted me.  One is from a race of 4-5D humans that have a similar features to us, but I see them as bald. Some may even have elongated cone heads.  Another, was from a race of 4D 3-4’ blue skinned humanoids with bald round heads and dark eyes, and the other is of a master race of at least 7-9’ winged humanoids existing in higher dimensions. These may have their origin with the Avian races.

Evolution:  Not yet aware of the Andromeda species evolution, but I am sure it is as varied and rich as it is in the Milky Way galaxy.

Qualities:  Not privy yet to specifics differentiating Andromedan races.  Still learning. However, the beings connecting with thus far are of intense energy and vitality.

Abilities:  Unknown, but that can change anytime.

Specialties: Still gathering from these beings.  Each has its own specialty.

Basic Needs: Unknown

Focus: Unknown.

Involvement with Earth: The winged beings have been involved with Earth since our first life formed and with humans at various stages of our development.  It may be that the Sumerian winged beings depicted on their reliefs are Andromedans.  They say they have been invited by the Guardian Archangels of Earth to participate in our progression and that they come to our solar system on the wings of the Archangels who are the gatekeepers to Earth. Perhaps the depictions of archangels are actually images of the winged Andromedans coming as they came into our world and were thought to be the angels themselves.

Guide for Humanity: Andon (ambassador of the winged race of Andromedans)

Star seeds: There are less Andromedan souls incarnated here than the beings listed from our Milky Way Galaxy, but there are still more than from other galaxies.  Somewhere in the vicinity of 800,000 humans have an Andromedan origin soul.  They usually live understated lives and only contain a small bit of their Andromedan energy.  The frequency is much different than that of our galaxy and this appears to affect the ease of incarnation and the amount of soul energy that can be maintained in the human form in 3D.  These people are often quiet warriors that are in the background and do not call too much attention to themselves.  They are often in supportive roles for Earth masters or are in the shadows playing roles that seem mundane.  Within this quiet demeanor they have a great potency and can deeply affect others with their presence.  They often fear their own power and are unsure what to do with that internal strength.  In just  being here, these souls opens new galactic energetic pathways between our galaxies.


Place of Origin: A planet of the star Arcturus 36.7 light years from us.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 4D to 6D

Appearance: Arcturians are humanoid, but have different features than us. I see the 6D Arcturians  as tall white glowing figures with angled and intense eyes. These Arcturians may be what have been termed Tall Whites.  Others who have contact with lower dimensional 4D forms describe them as short with wider faces and denser stature. These could be a different race of Arcturians or simply be their 4th dimension appearance.

Evolution:  Not yet aware of Arcturian evolution, other than they evolved to become a highly spiritual species and are considered to be among the most technically advanced in the galaxy. They may actually have come from Andromeda originally.

Qualities:  Precise intellect, telepathic, alchemists, analytical, scientific, reserved, deep structured thinkers, code breakers, mathematical, healers, interdimensional travelers.

Abilities:  Experts in use of geometry, color and sound vibrations for altering time, space, atmosphere, and states of being.  Energetic alchemist, architects, builders and healers. They see beneath the surface of things and use precise methods to create and alter environments including the health of a vessel.

Specialties: Using sacred geometry to move through space and time and shift realities. Their methods of interdimensional travel and communications are used throughout the universe. They are also called upon to create geometrical sound and color forms to alter or transmit to developing worlds.  Arcturians are often the master minds behind the crop circle signatures. They create amazing ships of light that can traverse many dimensions and are sought after.

Basic Needs: Appreciation and being needed. Arcturians know they are good at what they do, and like to be admired for it. They enjoy using their abilities for constructive purposes.

Focus: Designing and implementing their brilliant ideas to be of service in the universe.
Involvement with Earth: The Arcturians are our neighbors and at one point a group inhabited Earth, long before humans became sentient and before Lemuria and Atlantis.  It was decided by galactic councils that there would be other experiments to help local species develop on Earth, so they left.  But they still retain an interest in Earth’s progress and today they make contact attempting to open humanity to new thought, especially via their use of sacred geometry.  They design crop circle forms to input new evolutionary frequencies into Earth and her inhabitants.

Guide for Humanity: El Ectarus (6D  Ambassador to Earth)

Star seeds: There are many million Arcturian souls born on Earth and a good portion are among the younger generation.  It is felt that these starseeds can play an important role as ambassadors to the neighboring 4D Arcturians and also elevate humanities capabilities in their areas of expertise.  These starseeds will be the planners and builders of a new society through their innovations.  They not only see beyond the present structures and systems, they can also add an understanding of the frequencies inherent in form.  They can be cutting edge mathematicians, physicists, geometry artists, architects, community planners, system designers, technology wizards, musicians that have a talent for precise use of tones for affect, and energy healers that use geometry and sound to heal specific organs and mental states.  These souls like nothing more than to experiment and see their ideas in action.


Place of Origin: The Avian Extraterrestrials originally came from another universe. Now ET Bird Beings are found throughout this universe in many forms.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: Large birds in many varieties and some human bird hybrids

Evolution: There were already highly evolved Avian Species that entered this Universe from another, billions of years ago.  They remain as an elite group of 12D beings.  However, many Avians in this Universe have evolved from small birds that were seeded by the 12D Avians on 3D planets in various galaxies.  They evolved huge diversity of color, size, and adaptations.  Eventually many developed an expanded consciousness because of their ability to see a big picture of their world.  Their sentience developed from their visionary perspective and ability to move via thought.  Some found themselves able to teleport and soar in their minds to other lands and then planets. This expanded their reach and they found themselves inhabiting new worlds.  Later avian species were genetically mixed with humans, as this was an experimental trend in this universe. Birds of Earth are a gift from the higher dimensional Avian beings to help regulate our electromagnetic atmosphere.

Qualities: Visionary, precognitive, teleporters, uplifting, way showers, expansive, freedom lovers, keen intelligence and multidimensional sight, industrious, efficient, excellent observers.

Abilities: Bright intelligence that sees from angles that no other can.  Can uplift any situation and take it to new levels of thought. Easily raise vibrations. Free thinkers and feelers that are not bound by confines of group consciousness.  Have a memory that holds the essence of everything they encounter.

Specialties: Higher dimensional forms are often called upon for their natural higher perspective and to raise the bar in any situation. They can be many places at once and usually send only an energetic form of themselves around the universe for consultations. Less evolved avians remain on their home planet and evolve their abilities in their own unique ways.

Basic Needs: Freedom and Honor.  Do not try to confine a sentient avian being. They honor all life and expect to be honored as well.

Focus: Expanding frontiers of thought and creation.  Raising frequency and taking situations and ideas to higher levels of knowing.

Involvement with Earth: Seeded bird species on Earth following the end of the Dinosaurs’ reign. Higher dimensional avian beings have dropped in on Earth civilizations to help enlighten to new perspectives, usually through communications with advanced masters or high priests and shamans.

Guide for Humanity: Thoth (12D ambassador collective)

Star seeds: There are only in the hundreds of thousands of avian souls incarnate on Earth.  These beings do not prefer to work through this confining method.  They often feel uncomfortable in human skin and desire to get out of where they are.  It is disconcerting for them to be confined in any way.   Those avian souls that have braved human incarnation are here to raise the energetic potential of the race and help them to see beyond the astral influences to higher heights. They are cage breakers and will always be looking for ways out of limiting situations by stretching belief systems. They are the Wright Brothers of humanity. Daring to think the impossible dream. They can be found in any field, but often those requiring high intellect and attention to minute details and observations that others miss.  They remember things that others forget.  Avian souls can be excellent detectives or spies. They are inventors, scientists, professors, poets, and innovators of all kinds.  They sometimes pursue their vision at the expense of more mundane things in life, as they can have a mad scientist tendency and be a bit in the clouds.


Place of Origin: Originally these beings came from another universe. They are prominent in the Sirius Star System, but exist in other star systems as well.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D on up to 12D

Appearance: Bipedal cats or human cat hybrids. Features are similar to Earth felines.  Species have taken forms similar to Lions and others look more like our domestic cats with variety of coloration.  They can be anywhere from 3-8’ tall.

Evolution:  Evolved billions of years ago from quadruped cats to bipedal large cats. Developed higher senses and fine tuned psychic sensitivity as sentience rather than use of physical tools. Later feline species were genetically mixed with humans and have half human bodies with cat features such as tails and feline facial characteristics.  These were created from a group of feline genetic engineers.  Felines of 6D and higher are energy beings no longer requiring what we perceive as physical form, but they can shape themselves to appear as their original feline form.

Qualities: Curious, adventurous, creative, imaginative, organized, focused, planners, tenacious and intense yet capable of profound relaxation and deep meditation. Independent yet capable of forming close bonds to accomplish goals. While serious about their tasks, they can be quite playful, fun loving, and lighthearted.

Abilities: Highly psychic and telepathic, visionary, and advanced creators.  Attune to frequencies and can mold energies to change environments with music, art, dance and theater among all other creative means. Able to connect with other forms of consciousness and co-create with ease.

Specialties: Higher dimensional forms are often galactic travelers and are called upon to shift energies in environments and spark creative flow and psychic abilities. They are also commonly galactic performers, sharing their creative energies in many artistic ways.

Basic Needs: Both comfort and stimulation. This is seen on all levels of development. They love exploring new nooks of the universe, but they enjoy doing it in comfort.

Focus: Personal growth and evolving consciousness and creativity. Felines find fulfillment in sharing their gifts to inspire new ideas and move energy in new directions or to establish states of tranquility.

Involvement with Earth: They seeded feline species on Earth in times of mammal evolution. Prominent in Atlantis/Lemuria and later in Ancient Egypt as guides to humans who sought celestial contact and assistance in developing extrasensory abilities and advances in creativity.

Guide for Humanity: Sekmet (9D ambassador collective). Revered as a god in Ancient Egypt.

Star seeds: There are millions of Feline souls incarnate on Earth now.  They are here to bring creative spirit to new levels within humanity.  Souls have come from 4D to 9D and each bring their quality of Feline energy to the planet. Usually the characteristics listed above will show themselves in the human personality.   They will often have a profound respect for cats of Earth. Though much less common, some purposely distance themselves from the animals in order to claim their independence from the Earth species (unconsciously).  While you would think humans with feline souls might be graceful and coordinated, they often feel clumsy in a human body and unsure of their footing.  They also believe they should be able to create with their agile minds, and feel awkward having to do mundane physical tasks.  Creative ventures are so important to them that they may miss out on human connection as they pursue their dreams. But what they do will usually have a deep energetic influence on others as their projects carry the feline spirit of enlightenment.  These souls love to check out new things, ideas and places.  They have a knack for spotting trends and being there before others.  They are often up on anything fringe or cutting edge to the point where it could get them in trouble.  They are often world travelers, but they must have a cozy nook to come home to. They thrive on stimulating input, but they also want to feel the comforts of familiar territory.  Feline souls also cherish their alone time and need solitude on a regular basis. But they can cuddle too, on their terms.


Place of Origin: These beings are from the Sombrero Galaxy or M104 which is 28 million light years from earth. Yes, in a galaxy far far away.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D on up to 9D

Appearance: These are insectoid beings that have features similar to the Praying Mantis insects of Earth, but they stand upright and are at least 8-9 feet tall. Higher dimensional forms are energy beings that maintain their Mantis shape with colorful light.

Evolution:  These beings evolved hundreds of millions of years ago on a planet of insects. They became the first to develop advanced self awareness. They developed the use of tools but in unison they became highly sensitive to sound and light and its reflection in colors.  They used this special heightened awareness and became highly advanced in the connection and use of frequencies to change their environment and to communicate with each other and their surroundings. In their historical past, Mantis were matriarchal.  They have strong female figures who dominated their cultures. Higher dimensional beings have created a more balanced arrangement with these energies. However, the feminine force is still regarded highly and one would not want to diminish this power with a Mantis around.  And no decision is ever made without the female aspect first being taken in and it has the final say.

Qualities:  Sensitive to sound, color, and vibrational nuances, luminous, spiritual, healers, graceful, fluid, artistic, penetrating, influential.

Abilities:  The Mantis beings are masters with vibrations of sound and color. They use this mastery to heal and create.  They are artists of universal light. They dance through frequencies and alter their surroundings as they do so. Mantis beings create bubble like force fields to travel through time and space.  In lower dimensions they create living spherical ships of light. In higher dimensions they can send their light bodies in single bubbles of light across the universe.

Specialties: Mantis beings are called upon to give guidance and direction to assure high quality standards to all kinds of projects.  They assure that the frequencies are appropriate and that the atmosphere and players are conducive to the particular outcome that is desired. They are like the mural painters and anthem singers of in the universe. They bring the right elements together.

Basic Needs: Fluidity and Admiration.  Mantis beings need the flexibility to do their fluid dance and they truly love their work to be admired and the blessings of it to be received.

Focus: Weaving color and sound to create and enliven the light web of the universe.

Involvement with Earth: The Mantis are assisting, and in many ways overseeing, the Zeta Reticulan hybrid program, and human spiritual advancement project. Like the Zetas, they were asked by Galactic Councils to participate.  They are assuring that universal principals are adhered to as well as giving their expertise in frequency alignment. They are the artists in the hybrid process, if you will.  They are often seen in the background during abduction experiences. These are usually 4-5D Mantis beings, but they are tuned into guidance from their higher dimensional kin, who play a part in spiritually guiding them.  Prior to this recent involvement, Mantis have had little to do with Earth, other than gifting the planet with the Praying Mantis insect that has since evolved into many glorious colors. These little creatures hold special energy of their Mantis parents.  It is no wonder that they are revered by many and are often seen as positive omens.

Guide for Humanity: Kizmet (9D Mantis)

Star seeds: There are over 800,000 Mantis souls incarnated here now and only since the recent hybrid program began.  This is a new experience for the race and it is not an easy one.  Many of these starseeds feel completely out of place on Earth and in a human body, unless they are of the younger generation who also have Zeta DNA. These souls have it easier as there is a lot of Mantis frequency in their chemistry that is aligned with their being.  Those born prior to the 90’s, and there are not as many of these, may have had a hard adjustment period in life.  They have felt that if anyone really knew what they are like, they would run, so they hide their inner truth in some way.  It has been a difficult task for their angels and other guides to get them to open up and share what they came to share.  Once they do open up, their intensity, art, and ability to know what needs to be done to create the perfect environment is uncanny.  They are usually artistic in some way.  They are writers, musicians, poets, designers of space and events.  They have a knack for bringing pieces of a puzzle together and making it sing.  Their gifts lie in bringing energy, aesthetic appeal, and vitality to whatever they do. They are here to use these gifts to infuse higher frequencies into hearts and environments through form, sound and color.  No one can do this like a fluid dancing Mantis soul. Even if they are in the sciences, or some seemingly uncreative profession, they will bring some extra flare to their job.  They are also a huge help to the new generation of souls being born with advanced DNA as they help them align with their higher potential.


Place of Origin: The Pleiades Star Cluster.

Dimensional Perspectives:  Exist from 3D to 9D

Appearance: Appear much like particularly beautiful Earth humans, with perfect bodies and pleasingly symmetrical features with a luminosity reflecting their higher dimensional frequency.

Evolution:  Evolved millions of years ago as one of the early races of what we would call humankind and look like we do.  This form has been modeled throughout the universe.  Pleiadian DNA has been used to develop many human beings in this universe, including those of our solar system on Venus, Mars, Maldeck and Earth. There still exists newly developing 3D planets in the Pleiades, but the Pleiadians that communicate with us are usually 6D and 9D.  These are dimensions they work well within and from which they contact other worlds. They have light bodies, yet like other higher dimensional ET beings, they can appear in a form that projects what they evolved from.  Having a lot more time to evolve than we have, they have refined their natures and are intensely spiritual and giving beings.

Qualities:  Intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, radiant, communicative, empathic, soothing, nurturing, mystical, understated creativity, healers, counselors, in tune with natural worlds.

Abilities:  Pleiadians are healers on many levels. They can empathize and sooth all pains with their sensitive communication and transfer of light.  They communicate by means of light transfer. These beings have a natural radiance that comes from their mystical knowing of how to connect and share Source light.

Specialties: Pleiadians are called upon to seed new worlds with the essence of evolved human form, and to commune with a planet’s consciousness and its existing life in order to introduce new beings and ideas in a nurturing way. They embody the divine feminine and often will show themselves in female form to radiate this refined quality.

Basic Needs: Peace and sharing.  Pleiadians thrive in places and states of peace and tranquility.  They feel best when they are sharing their refined essence.

Focus: Transferring their gifts of radiance throughout the universe through seeding and communicating their healing vibrations and mystical awareness.

Involvement with Earth: Provided genetic and energetic model for early human development.  They are the missing link in our evolution to our current form.  They were guides for Atlantis and Lemuria and have been involved in the nurturing of many life forms on Earth that began elsewhere, such as whales and dolphins.  They are responsible for infusing awareness into the many methods of energy healing discovered by humans over the years. They are playing an important role in reinvigorating our beliefs in the mystical elements of our knowledge and helping us open to celestial contact in non threatening manners.  They radiate light and soothing energy that we are able to feel because of our genetic link.

Guide for Humanity: Katara (of 6D Pleiadian Emissaries of Light collective)

Star seeds: There are many millions of Pleiadian souls incarnate on Earth and have been since Lemuria.  These souls are here to remind us of our divinity and our connection to Source consciousness.  They come as healers and inspire us to nurture our spirits and that of the planet. These souls are sensitive and usually extremely intuitive.  They also light up the room when they walk in and tend to heal without even knowing. They communicate well with others and are good empathetic listeners.  Most leave their presence with a new sense of joy and gratitude.   These human star souls often have physical beauty and most incarnate as females and exude feminine strength.  They can be overpowering for some human male Earth souls, as they radiate such deep feminine mystique.  They are often water signs that flow with emotion and passion and connection to the blood of Gaia.  Pleiadian souls connect easily to nature.  Animals love them and become calm in their presence.  These star seeds can also bring the essence of a person’s soul to the surface and can reflect their purpose and encourage their mission. They are often found in professions of spiritual mastery, healing, psychology, communications, child care, and fields related to ecology and care for the Earth.  They often volunteer for causes and give a lot of themselves.

The Astral Traps

There is a trap in the matrix that wants people to realize their extraterrestrial origins and want to leave the planet and go home to those places. 
By doing so they are giving up their right to a human body in connection with source through the planet. Having a human body connected to source at this time allows us to integrate all those past lives pieces and parts of you that need to be transmuted back to positive energy.

When you do not want to be here, you are not fully present, centered and grounded.
When you are outside of your body, you have opened the door to allow others to occupy that space within your body. These are the beings who do not have a body at this time and this do not have a connection to an energy source. As Earth raises her frequency they will not be able to exist on or around her any more, nor will they be able to move through space without any energy.

Another trap of the matrix is the belief that you are only one of these beings. 

As we have all had many lives we can see that we may feel familiar with a lot of the other characteristics or maybe none of others. But we probably have had more of one lifetime in an incarnation one of these planets associated with these races than another, and we are relying on those experiences and wisdom in out lives right now.

Finally, the third trap is that negative astral beings have the ability to shape shift and have posed as other races such as Pleiadians and Arcturians in order to bring messages of love, light, and complacency with being “high” (out of the body). 

These beings which may try to steer people on the planet to either wanting to go home and not connecting with earth have introduced the false light matrix scenario which exists in the astral fifth dimension.

The biggest illusion of all is that we are all of these and more because we are a fractal part of infinite source creator having these individual lives right now.

Centering and grounding with the earth will allow you to enter that place of no time to connect with the parts of you (including other extraterrestrials) that need to be integrated and healed. As you heal yourself, you help to heal the planet, solar system, galaxy, and beyond. By grounding and centering, you also create a natural barrier that does not allow any pieces and parts that are not of you to enter your energy field, no matter what implants or contracts you have made in the past.

Michelle Walling

domingo, 14 de janeiro de 2018

Tecendo a Manhã


Um galo sozinho não tece uma manhã: 
ele precisará sempre de outros galos. 
De um que apanhe esse grito que ele 
e o lance a outro; de um outro galo 
que apanhe o grito de um galo antes 
e o lance a outro; e de outros galos 
que com muitos outros galos se cruzem 
os fios de sol de seus gritos de galo, 
para que a manhã, desde uma teia tênue, 
se vá tecendo, entre todos os galos.


E se encorpando em tela, entre todos, 
se erguendo tenda, onde entrem todos, 
se entretendendo para todos, no toldo 
(a manhã) que plana livre de armação. 
A manhã, toldo de um tecido tão aéreo 
que, tecido, se eleva por si: luz balão. 

João Cabral de Melo Neto
in, “João Cabral de Melo Neto, Obra Completa”

....................................... examinar-me ao espelho

Ás vezes, a olhar para o espelho e a examinar-me, feição por feição: os olhos, a boca, o modelado da fronte, a curva das pálpebras, a linha da face…
E esta amálgama grosseira e feia, grotesca e miserável, saberia fazer versos?
Ah, não!

Existe outra coisa… mas o quê?
Afinal, para que pensar?
Viver é não saber que se vive.
Procurar o sentido da vida, sem mesmo saber se algum sentido tem, é tarefa de poetas e de neurasténicos. Só uma visão de conjunto pode aproximar-se da verdade.
Examinar em detalhe é criar novos detalhes.
Por debaixo da cor está o desenho firme e só se encontra o que se não procura.
Porque me não esqueço eu de viver… para viver?

Florbela Espanca

sábado, 13 de janeiro de 2018

O Relógio

Ao redor da vida do homem 
há certas caixas de vidro, 
dentro das quais, como em jaula, 
se ouve palpitar um bicho. 

Se são jaulas não é certo; 
mais perto estão das gaiolas 
ao menos, pelo tamanho 
e quadradiço de forma. 

Umas vezes, tais gaiolas 
vão penduradas nos muros; 
outras vezes, mais privadas, 
vão num bolso, num dos pulsos. 

Mas onde esteja: a gaiola 
será de pássaro ou pássara: 
é alada a palpitação, 
a saltação que ela guarda; 

e de pássaro cantor, 
não pássaro de plumagem: 
pois delas se emite um canto 
de uma tal continuidade 

que continua cantando 
se deixa de ouvi-lo a gente: 
como a gente às vezes canta 
para sentir-se existente. 

O que eles cantam, se pássaros, 
é diferente de todos: 
cantam numa linha baixa, 
com voz de pássaro rouco; 

desconhecem as variantes 
e o estilo numeroso 
dos pássaros que sabemos, 
estejam presos ou soltos; 

têm sempre o mesmo compasso 
horizontal e monótono, 
e nunca, em nenhum momento, 
variam de repertório: 

dir-se-ia que não importa 
a nenhum ser escutado. 
Assim, que não são artistas 
nem artesãos, mas operários 

para quem tudo o que cantam 
é simplesmente trabalho, 
trabalho rotina, em série, 
impessoal, não assinado, 

de operário que executa 
seu martelo regular 
proibido (ou sem querer) 
do mínimo variar. 

A mão daquele martelo 
nunca muda de compasso. 
Mas tão igual sem fadiga, 
mal deve ser de operário; 

ela é por demais precisa 
para não ser mão de máquina, 
a máquina independente 
de operação operária. 

De máquina, mas movida 
por uma força qualquer 
que a move passando nela, 
regular, sem decrescer: 

quem sabe se algum monjolo 
ou antiga roda de água 
que vai rodando, passiva, 
graçar a um fluido que a passa; 

que fluido é ninguém vê: 
da água não mostra os senões: 
além de igual, é contínuo, 
sem marés, sem estações. 

E porque tampouco cabe, 
por isso, pensar que é o vento, 
há de ser um outro fluido 
que a move: quem sabe, o tempo. 

Quando por algum motivo 
a roda de água se rompe, 
outra máquina se escuta: 
agora, de dentro do homem; 

outra máquina de dentro, 
imediata, a reveza, 
soando nas veias, no fundo 
de poça no corpo, imersa. 

Então se sente que o som 
da máquina, ora interior, 
nada possui de passivo, 
de roda de água: é motor; 

se descobre nele o afogo 
de quem, ao fazer, se esforça, 
e que ele, dentro, afinal, 
revela vontade própria, 

incapaz, agora, dentro, 
de ainda disfarçar que nasce 
daquela bomba motor 
(coração, noutra linguagem) 

que, sem nenhum coração, 
vive a esgotar, gota a gota, 
o que o homem, de reserva, 
possa ter na íntima poça.

João Cabral de Melo Neto
in, “João Cabral de Melo Neto, Obra Completa”


Igor Voloshin

A violência psicológica pode ser 
tão sub-reptícia como uma cobra 
e fazer adoecer 
tão gravemente quanto o seu veneno. 

Saiba quais são os seus sinais!

Chocante, dilacerante, marcante… 
tão ou mais que a violência física!

A violência psicológica parece estar cada vez mais presente nas relações, quaisquer que elas sejam. No namoro, nas relações conjugais, familiares, de amizade e de trabalho. 
Deparamo-nos com ela quando menos esperamos, ou somos nós próprios os seus agentes, sem sequer nos apercebemos do que está na realidade a acontecer.

Estaremos a ficar cada vez mais imperfeitos, mais desumanos, mais insensíveis, mais permissivos a esta espécie de “praga” que inunda o nosso presente e as nossas relações, não de algumas, mas de muitos milhões de pessoas, muitas delas sem sequer compreenderem o que realmente está a acontecer, com o outro, consigo, com a sua alegria, com a sua vida?

Direta ou indireta, clara ou subtil, leve ou grave, incisiva ou superficial, brutal ou menos expressiva, recorrente ou esporádica… provoca confusão, dor, sofrimento e pode deixar marcas para toda uma vida.

Estamos naquela que eu designo como a “Era do falso Poder”, isto é, em que muitas pessoas precisam exercer poder como precisam de respirar e de comer! Necessitam, sobretudo, de demonstrar aos outros que o têm, porque lhes falta autoestima, autoconfiança, segurança, capacidades, mérito, talentos, empatia, educação, afeto na relação primária, passaram por experiências mais ou menos marcantes, desconhecem o significado da palavra Amor e respeito pelo outro, tem os mais variados transtornos de personalidade, ou simplesmente porque se sentem mesmo medíocres e só conseguem sentir-se suficientes quando recorrem a uma série de estratégias, entre as quais a violência psicológica, a qual pode revestir as mais variadas formas, envolver premeditação e, sobretudo, muita perversão.

Mas que formas são essas?

Seria impossível contemplar todas elas neste artigo, mas ao longo dos anos ouvindo muitos casais e pessoas, conhecidas e desconhecidas, fui-me apercebendo que a violência psicológica é um Mundo, as formas que reveste são incalculáveis, mas que cada um de nós pode/deve fazer um trabalho de identificação da mesma nas mais variadas experiências por que passam no dia a dia. Mas não só! Podemos também “olhar para dentro” e tentar identificar até que ponto nós próprios somos violentos emocional e psicologicamente com os outros e com nós próprios.
Este será um outro artigo que escreverei um destes dias.

Aqui ficam algumas perguntas para que você mesmo possa responder, da forma mais espontânea e sincera possível, e descobrir se está a ser vitima de violência psicológica.

A resposta poderá significar “a ponte” para sair do “denso nevoeiro” e começar a ver com alguma nitidez a estrada por onde tem andado e saber se as pessoas que escolheu para ter na sua vida são, não as certas, mas aquelas que o conseguem Ver, Respeitar, Aceitar e Amar.

Claro que não pode escolher nem a família, nem os chefes! 
Quando chegou eles já lá estavam, mas sempre pode aprender a identificar quem está muito zangado consigo próprio e com a vida, quem vive em permanente conflito, e especialmente quem quer abusar da sua generosidade, bondade, lealdade, paciência… usá-lo para proveito próprio, descarregar as suas frustrações, mágoas e ressentimentos e fazer de si uma espécie de depósito do seu egoísmo e egocentrismo que podem revelar grave doença mental.

Assim, coloque-se as seguintes perguntas, e responda da forma mais espontânea e natural que conseguir:

  • Alguém lhe induz constantemente um sentimento de culpa e o responsabiliza por tudo o que acontece de menos bom?
  • Alguém o desvaloriza e critica repetidamente?
  • Alguém controla constantemente tudo o que faz?
  • Sente que alguém o tenta isolar de amigos e familiares?
  • Alguém tenta bloquear o seu desenvolvimento pessoal?
  • É ameaçado ainda que ironicamente ou sofre represálias?
  • Alguém tenta aceder ao seu computador, telemóvel e contas pessoais?
  • Sente que alguém quer controlar o tempo em que podia decidir fazer o que lhe apetece, deixando de o fazer por receio da reação do outro?
  • Alguém lhe exige que responda a SMS, telefonemas ou que faça algo mesmo sabendo que não estava disponível?
  • É contactado constantemente por alguém para saber o que está a fazer e com quem está?
  • Pressionam-no para saber o seu passado e/ou que bens tem?
  • Criticam-no e culpam pelas suas experiências de vida e relações que teve?
  • Desvalorizam o seu mérito, competências e sucesso?
  • Sente que existe total indiferença quanto ao seu esforço, compreensão, tolerância, dedicação, ajuda, apoio, dádiva, lealdade… e que existe uma espécie de “perseguição” para encontrar pequenos defeitos, “crucificando-o” mesmo que estes sejam insignificantes?
  • Sente que alguém abusa constantemente da sua boa-fé e confiança para atingir objetivos próprios?
  • Alguém próximo de si parece ser completamente indiferente à sua dor e problemas?
  • Alguém das suas relações mais próximas usa o silêncio como arma de arremesso e a ausência como forma de punição?
  • Alguém lhe diz que ficará sozinho no mundo?
  • Alguém afirma que nunca vai encontrar outra pessoa que goste de si?
  • Alguém usa o afeto/sexo como recompensa da satisfação dos seus interesses sejam eles quais forem?
  • É vitima de Assédio sexual, com conversas que não quer ter e pressão para ter sexo?
  • Escuta afirmações no sentido que você não vale nada e não seria ninguém sem essa pessoa?
  • Sente medo de dizer o que pensa e sente por causa das consequências?
  • Sente-se manipulado e vítima de chantagem emocional?
  • Coloca sempre em último lugar tudo o que deseja fazer?
  • Alguém próximo manifesta constante desinteresse por si, pelas suas dificuldades e por aquilo que acontece consigo?
  • Organiza a sua vida em função daquilo que o outro pensa com medo das consequências?
  • Se alguém na rua olha para si, diz-lhe que era você que estava a provocar e que a culpa é sua?
  • A mesma tarefa feita por outra pessoa é valorizada e a sua não?
  • Alguém fala consigo com desprezo, com gritos, com linguagem ofensiva?
  • Alguém se comporta consigo como um ditador e castigador?
  • Alguém faz questão de o tratar como uma criança, comportando-se como se fosse sua mãe ou pai?
  • Alguém lhe induz cada vez mais dependência, fazendo-o depender cada vez mais dele/dela?
  • Alguém coloca repetidamente as suas capacidades em causa?
  • Alguém faz ironia constante acerca do seu não saber e dificuldades?
  • Alguém faz questão de apontar as suas fragilidades e quando confrontado dá o dito pelo não dito ou diz que estava a brincar?
  • Alguém faz questão de saber tudo acerca de si e depois quando lhe dá jeito usa essa mesma informação?
  • Alguém o responsabiliza pelo sua insatisfação e infelicidade?
  • Na presença dessa pessoa sente o chão fugir-lhe, a sua capacidade de raciocínio e defesa desaparecem e a ansiedade é mais que muita?
  • Sente que essa pessoa tem grande influência na sua autoestima, autoconfiança, segurança, capacidade de decisão, organização da sua vida, no seu sono, energia, trabalho, ânimo, alegria e vida em geral, bastando proferir algumas palavras para “chover” no seu dia?

Apenas tomando plena consciência do que está realmente a acontecer, será possível tomar a decisão de sair do ciclo da violência psicológica que muitas vezes conduz, inevitavelmente, à violência física e violência doméstica.

Na maioria dos casos, a violência psicológica faz com que as pessoas se sintam presas numa verdadeira “teia de aranha” de onde não conseguem sair, se sintam muito confusas, especialmente quando já deixaram de confiar no seu próprio juízo de valor e passaram a dar credibilidade total ao agressor, correndo o enorme risco de se tornarem igualmente tão ou mais violentas que os próprios agressores com as pessoas que as rodeiam.

Muitas situações existem em que essas mesmas pessoas que em casa são vítimas de agressão psicológica, no trabalho são eles os agressores dos seus colaboradores, tornando o ambiente de trabalho completamente caótico. Apenas uma tentativa desesperada de tornarem suportável a dor que teima em dilacerá-los por dentro.

Se desconfia estar a experienciar uma situação de abuso e/ou violência psicológica, não se isole. Converse com uma pessoa da sua confiança ou peça ajuda especializada. Não negue, não silencie a sua dor. Isso apenas fará com que se agrave ainda mais. Precisa agir rapidamente, compreender o que está a acontecer e descobrir como gerir essa situação, protegendo-se de consequências mais graves.

Se conhece alguém que está a passar por uma situação de violência psicológica, escute-a, converse com ela e se perceber que está a ser muito difícil para ela sair desse “labirinto”, aconselhe-a a pedir ajuda.

Errado é o comportamento do agressor psicológico.

Errada é a ideia de permissividade à violência psicológica veiculada pelos filmes e telenovelas em que berrar, chamar nomes, mandar para os mais variados sítios, dar bofetadas, empurrões, fazer umas nódoas negras ao outro, ridicularizar, rebaixar, denegrir a imagem do outro, entre muitas outras atitudes e comportamentos… é apenas expressão de um grande Amor a ser vivido como prémio, como presente… no fim…se ainda estiverem vivos!

Quero continuar a acreditar que não estamos a tornar-nos mais imperfeitos, mais insensíveis, desumanos ou selvagens.

Quero continuar a acreditar que é possível com informação e apoio institucional, diminuir o dramático numero de mortes por violência doméstica. Porque esta é uma responsabilidade do Estado que não pode continuar a fazer de conta que nada se passa pois tem a obrigação de proteger os mais fragilizados, concedendo-lhes o apoio merecido.

A violência psicológica é o começo da subida de uma “escada” que não se sabe quantos degraus tem, mas que se sabe que quanto mais se sobe menos se sente e se é… até ao dia em que se começa a deixar de ver os degraus, e em que cair é um risco cada vez maior!

Não faça de conta, não negue, não tenha vergonha…existem milhões de pessoas no mundo, de todas as idades, formações, capacidade financeira… que já passaram pelo mesmo e conseguiram libertar-se!

Qualquer forma de violência psicológica é um comportamento errado e inaceitável. Sempre o foi, sempre o será. Quem o agride é que está errado, não você.

Não está sozinho! Somos muitos os que sabemos como se sente e o quão difícil é falar sobre…

Mas guardar para si, nada resolve, apenas agrava!

O Mundo está cheio de pessoas com doença mental, umas mais graves outras menos.
Você não tem a obrigação de as curar, nem deve tentar fazê-lo, sob pena de ficar tão ou mais doente que elas. Deve sim, proteger-se do seu “veneno” e compreender o que está acontecer consigo e com a sua vida!

Sim, a violência psicológica é uma “Praga”, mas é possível libertar-se dela!