quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016


When our healthy desire for 'security' 
becomes disproportionate....

Well, the cartoon sums it up very well.
A picture says a thousand words.

And these ones speak eloquently about how fear (also popularly known as the 'ego', or 'negative ego') takes control, slowly, slowly until, before you know it, it becomes the ruling authority.
This is so common in politics, religion, parenting, intimate relationships, the individual psyche and yes, even spirituality.

And paraphrasing a famous line from the movie "Usual Suspects":

"The greatest trick the ego ever pulled 
was convincing us that it wasn't in control."

May me find peace in 'not-knowing' how things will turn out.
May we find trust and 'faith' by exercising our capacity not to pre-define, pre-judge, pre-empt and preach

And in ways that go beyond any dogmas, or carmas, that if left unchecked would intoxicate feminism or even the Goddess-movement, may we regain a love and a respect for the undefineable, the chaotic, the fecund, the 'messy'-yet-perfectly-orchestrated complexity of organisms and ecosystems... the unpredictable, the creative, the Feminine.

May we have the wisdom and sensitivity to distinguish between intelligence and interference.

May we find comfort in the silence that exists when the TV is switched off, and when the analytical mind no longer rules like a tyrant.

May we feel at home again in the Infinite.

Peter Littlejohn Cook

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