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Spiritual Taoism

A little bit about the 
historical origins of Taoism 
and the formations of Spiritual, Philosophical 
and Religious Taoism.

The concept of Xiao Yao You; the carefree wandering nature of the unfettered mind, relates to our core attitude in our school. It is not a forced attitude, but an attitude that becomes resultant as a product of practising our art; Dao Yin Shu.
It's a gradual internal transformation.
That is why our school is called "Xiao Yao" Pai, because practising DYS, naturally makes us become carefree and unfettered, which in turns makes us happier because our mind becomes less dominant and controlling.

When we are born and while we are still young, our mind is very formless and flexible. 
It can adopt any shape. 
That is why it is so important to be there for our children when they are young and transfer values to them that can help raise the awareness and evolution of humanity.
When we are at this age, we are carefree and happy, we have no prejudice and life is a grand adventure waiting to be explored. Even though we become sad and cry or get angered, we do not cling to the emotions and move through them naturally.

As we grow up and are impressed by the many concepts around us, those of tradition of institutions, of culture and of our families, friends, government and media. The mind begins to form to a shape that matches all these man-made ideas.
Soon it looses its flexibility and formlessness and can no longer experience life freely, because we become fixed in one way or another, by one idea or another.
Eventually, we cannot even taste a new food or listen to a new type of music, because it cannot fit with the shape of our mind, just like simple LEGO, we know that one shape must fit with another.
Although we may not sense it consciously, because the informational matrix we have absorbed, created and sustain has now become us, every act of incompatibility with a new experience causes us some measure of pain on a deeply spiritual level as we become increasingly desynchronised from nature.

The right practice of spiritual Taoism brings about the state of Xiao Yao, and returns the shape of the mind back to its congenital formless state. 

Then gradually, as we practice Dao Yin Shu every day, we realise that something we hated before, somehow no longer bothers us, we may even become excited to try it. Maybe a food we felt disgusted by, no longer bothers us.
We can understand and accept others differences because we are no longer rigid. 
Our mind becomes formless just like plasticine and anybody or anything we meet we can wrap around and experience empathically fully, free from the mono-directional convictions of our former acquired prejudices.

Once we are done, we just go back to our formless state, free of anxiety. 
Unbothered by anything. 
So, little by little, practising Dao Yin Shu makes you happy; and a happy world is a better world.
This is the carefree, easy going and unfettered state of being inherent within the "Xiao Yao" - Pai way.

Xiao Yao Pai - School of Spiritual Taoism

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