sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016

Other dimension of spaciousness, of spatiality—a limitlessness

If you don’t identify with your mind, you are the limitless one.
Don’t be afraid of this word, neither feel that it is just an abstraction.
It is very much at the core of the reality of who you are.

We have become so familiar with limitations
as are suggested by and imposed upon us by the mind,
conditioning and so on.
We are familiar with living life in a mind-set kind of context
and having a fixed notion of self.
But it is quite unnatural to the Being.
It does not accept this in the way that the 'person' does.

We are so habituated in transacting through concepts
that we believe in them and feel quite comfortable to interact
on the basis of our false or limited projections.
We don’t understand that they are largely imaginary.

The Self, on the other hand, is unending consciousness.
Why should this be an abstraction?
It is not concerned about any such things.

Don't we know this?

When we look outside, outwardly from the eyes,
we perceive a world of uncountable names and forms.
When you close your eyes and look within, what do you see?
Kidneys and lungs and stuff like that? No.
When you close your eyes, what you see?
It brings you into another space, another dimension
of spaciousness, of spatiality—a limitlessness.

If you don’t accept the mind's interpretations,
then you are immediately in the limitless.
It is not an idea. Ideas appear and disappear in the limitless.
When I speak of this limitlessness, do you feel it as an abstraction
or do you feel it to be totally your highest Truth?

~ Mooji

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