quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2016


We believe too quickly in feelings and thought-processes.
You must become more detached from them.
Keep looking without interpreting so quickly.
Once you understand that you are the witness
to what is playing in the mind, if you don't identify so quickly,
you start to become aware of your own presence.
You begin to enjoy your own pure presence.
You will enjoy its spaciousness. It is empty of mind.
The world will lose its grip on your mind.
You will start to experience the state of love again,
deep peace and the joy that does not come from things,
but a joy that emanates and resonates from your own Self.
And all of this will come to life in a short time.
It is your invisibility that matters.
There are some people I don't see very often.
There are some, in one year, I only see them for 2 or 3 hours.
But each time I see them,
I see that they are less and less of a person
and more and more of being.
The absence of them as a person
is perceived more powerfully as presence.
So it is not your presence as a person that matters,
it is only your presence as presence that matters.
In a funny way, it is your absence, personally,
that is spiritually attractive,
because in your absence as ego,
you become Universal.
And it is only your universal spirit
that can bless the world.

~ Mooji

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