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What does the word OMETEOTL mean? 

It is a word with deep and vast meanings, so this is only a brief explanation...

Ometeotl is understood to be the Creative Force of the Universe whom some may call God, Goddess or Creator. -- some call It, Mother/Father/God. 

The word is in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, more properly known as Mexihca.

It consists of Ome = two, Teotl = divine force or energy, in acknowledgement that there is both feminine and masculine within the Source of all (the Energy that permeates everything).

This sacred duality which springs from the vast non-duality of Ometeotl are known as Ome Cihuatl (two woman) and Ome Tecuhtli (two man).

Our Ancestors understood that everything is made up of energy and that from Ometeotl springs duality on this plane of existence as Spirit/Matter, Order/Chaos, Day/Night, Sun/Moon, Life/Death, Hot/Cold, etc -- as complementary forces.

Those of us who follow Mexihca spirituality use it to seal our prayers and/or during a speech in acknowledgement that we are all related. 
You will often hear persons in a group also say, "Ometeotl" to acknowledge hearing and agreeing with someone's good words.

Grace Alvarez Sesma

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