sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015

Curandera, Healing Art of Mexico

Grandmother Margarita Núñez García, 
Curandera and Wisdom Keeper, 

The curandera is not only a healer of the body, but also a restorer of faith in one’s own inner wisdom....
The curandera guides us in non-judgmental, fearless self-reflection.
By sharing both happy and painful personal experiences, she gives us both a reality-check and inspiration to follow our dreams.
In many instances she is a spiritual midwife, helping us give birth to new paths and new ideals.
She helps us recognize the unconscious creation of obstacles to a life lived with sacred purpose, whether as homemaker, student, teacher, or doctor.

 —Grace Alvarez Sesma 
in, Meditations for Interspiritual Wisdom

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