quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Thomas Anahory - A Song To You (Versão Acústica) - www.thomasanahory.com

Oh you
Who went on a train for changin'
Oh you,
Who grabbed your life too late
It was not your fault, you see...
You just wanted to be free
But sometimes the elders can't let go

And for that, you always wore the best dress
Grabbed anything, anyone for you
You lied to yourself, just you, no one else
And now you're in misery

Look at me, I tried to tell you
That day, you were moving much to fast
Now your life is in the past

And for you, with all the painful doubts
Oh you,
Who cried along the day...
You cared for a new start
But all you did was faked
And your head is eating up your heart

Look at me, I tried to tell you
That day, you were doing it all wrong
And the worst is yet to come

Oh won't you come see me, sweet Mary
I'm waiting for you sweet Mary

Look at me, I tried to tell you
That day I knew where you were going
With the road you choose to take

2 comentários:

  1. Podes assistir ao vivo esta musica dia 16 de Junho no Jardim das amoreiras! :)
    Obrigado por gostares!


  2. Olha...que surpresa boa!!!!!

    Como me encontraste por aqui????
    Como te encontraste a ti, por aqui???

    Como sabes, não vai ser possível, para já, ouvir-te ao vivo...:(

    Obrigada pela tua visita <3