quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016

...................there is never a time when the presence is not there

You say, ‘Even if the person comes strongly,
there is never a time when the presence is not there.’
You are saying perhaps the most profound thing,
but you are not aware how profound it is.
You say the presence is never not here.
What notices this?
Even presence is perceived.
Whatever you can say, whatever you can perceive,
whatever you can conceive—that stands in front of presence,
but there is something beyond presence itself.
That you are.
It has no duties.
It has never changed.
It is not an evolutionary process or state.
It does not come or go.
It does not grow up.
It never gets old.
It has no age.
It is ever perfect.
This is the greatness of the human expression of consciousness;
that in this human mode you can awaken to this pure understanding.
The highest discovery in the human kingdom
is to wake up into consciousness of the infinite Self.
And what have you done to find this?
I am met with silence, why?
Because it all happened by Grace, you may admit.
Grace is the mirror in which the Infinite perceives,
recognizes or experiences its formless reflection.

~ Mooji

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