quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011


Uma das minhas grandes influências!!!!

When so many people are relaxing into the silences of their hearts, moving away from their minds, their past, their future, and are just remaining in the present, it creates a certain energy sphere, a certain vibe, a tidal wave that you cannot see.

But if you are here, you will certainly be affected by the energy generated by so many people's silences. You will be having flowers showered on you, which are not visible. So many people, peaceful and loving; so many people no longer interested in the past, which is no more... who are just here and now, not imagining and projecting about the future, which is not yet.

Only the present moment is the real. Past is a fiction, just a memory; future is a fiction, just an imagination. When so many people are living in the real, they create a space in which you can easily find yourself also relaxed, silent, loving.

This is the purpose of the whole gathering of seekers of the mysteries of existence. Without knowing, they are all helping each other. Without making any effort to help, their very being becomes a magnetic pull. I call this field the Buddha field, the field of awakening.


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