quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2018

Photograph Printed With Hatch-Marks Or Lines Across The Portrait

Some photographs invent a method of fiction, a illogical trying
to think differently history. The true aim of archives is:

a complex, relating, narrating voice and rare versions of what
happened, actuality of actuality. This requires a plastic mind.
Archives of photographs create a direct category linked to the
culture of written history, along with the premise of what may
have happened, spread over the course of images that exist in
two different temporal dimensions, i.e. when the photo was
made and when we see it.

These opposed logics disfigure the true act - the incidental fact
that this did exist - morphing the two times into one
simultaneous reality where temporality remains to say this:
what did exist may still exist. I think the living know this or else
will come to know it when they look at this photograph.

Mary Jo Bang
in, A Doll for Throwing: Poems

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