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In order to know if you’re in a spiritual partnership 
and how to cultivate it 
to bring more unity and union 
to the connection you have with your partner, 
we first must understand 
what a Spiritual Partnership is.

Very simply, it is a partnership that is condusive to the growth of both individuals. It is a partnership where honesty and growth are priority over just making each other feel nice. Everyone – it doesn’t matter who you are – will eventually get frustrated with each other when they are in a contained environment for a long period of time. It’s almost impossible not to, and that’s okay! The magic comes in when those individuals will stick around to clean up the mess, to listen to each other, and to create their connection even deeper than it was before.

The connection that goes deeper and deeper and deeper, and grows and the individuals grow both individually and together.
THAT is a creationship!

But beyond that… Spiritual Partnerships are about the feeling. The way that you feel when you’re in their presence, and the connection that you have simply radiates between each other with awareness. You begin to know what each other are thinking and feeling, and so there’s more deeper communication happening between the two of you because you’re communicating on a frequency that is beyond words. It is mental, it is emotional, and it is full of Knowing.

I invite you to watch this video.
It is simply beautiful, and stands as a testament to what someone can create when they are full of passion about what they love doing, and who they love doing it with.

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