segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2018

The Things That Count


Now, dear, it isn’t the bold things, 
Great deeds of valour and might, 
That count the most in the summing up of life at the end of the day. 
But it is the doing of old things, 
Small acts that are just and right; 
And doing them over and over again, no matter what others say; 
In smiling at fate, when you want to cry, and in keeping at work when 
you want to play -
Dear, those are the things that count. 

And, dear, it isn’t the new ways 
Where the wonder-seekers crowd 
That lead us into the land of content, or help us to find our own. 
But it is keeping to true ways, 
Though the music is not so loud, 
And there may be many a shadowed spot where we journey along 
In flinging a prayer at the face of fear, and in changing into a song a 
groan -
Dear, these are the things that count. 

My dear, it isn’t the loud part 
Of creeds that are pleasing to God, 
Not the chant of a prayer, or the hum of a hymn, or a jubilant shout or 
But it is the beautiful proud part 
Of walking with feet faith-shod; 
And in loving, loving, loving through all, no matter how things go
In trusting ever, though dark the day, and in keeping your hope when 
the way seems long -
Dear, these are the things that count.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

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