terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2016

To anyone who tries to love her the way I do

"If you try to sing her to sleep,
You'll never sing in the right tune.
And don't even get me started 
On when it comes to bringing her
Flowers on a bad day.
Because if you really loved her
A fraction of the way I do,
You would know that she despises flowers,
Because of how they remind her
Of her mother's funeral.
Or how she can't drink her tea too hot,
Because of how she severely burned her tongue
That time her grandmother made her milk
A little too warm when she was a child.
But most of all, I despise
How she might let you in, and fool her
Into heartbreak she was never prepared for,
Because I too, know how that once felt.
And till this day, I have not quite recovered."

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