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Henry Kissinger admits to the "New World Order"

New World Order - Order of the Illuminati Reality - Anonymous
The world is moving ahead to World War 3, that has already begun in the middle east! NATO has troops and military bases in the following countries: Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Yemen and Somalia.

There are some other bases even in other countries northern from Iran. Syria, Lebanon and Palestine can't be a serious threat for NATO and Egypt still has internal problems. There are no diplomatic relationships between Tel-Av-iv and Cairo and Turkey is not too happy with Israel after last year's Free Gaza event.

Greece is also out of the game since IMF and EU occupation, as well as the strategic importance's agreement between the Greek Government and the Government of Israel for military actions of both countries against any threat they might face! That is against the Greek people, because the Greeks will never forget what's happening in Gaza and the countries near Israel, because of Israel!

And we shall not forget or forgive what's happened and happening in Libya, in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Africa during the 20th century and before, in Latin America, in China, in the European countries with the dictatorships and so on...

On Jan.18, 2005 Henry Kissinger spoke on PBS about the need for a "New International Order".

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