segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2018

The Gravitational Force

"[…] all of the sudden I am left with only two forces in the universe: The gravitational force (which is the stronger force, no longer the weakest force) and the electromagnetic field. And I could even reduce further to one force, which is gravitational. Because, if something is not held to the center, then it will not radiate. If it’s not held to the center, it will not orbit. If it doesn’t orbit, it will not radiate. So the fundamental force is the force that holds to the center, is the force that collapse towards infinity, is the force that goes to singularity. And the result of that force is an electromagnetic field that’s just a tiny tiny bit of what’s there, and we call that our reality, because we see it radiates so we think there is something." 

Nassim Haramein

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