quinta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2018

News of the Day

Everything not in was out and we were the bride
and groom in the marriage of this ridiculous day
and life is only ever a comic opera. To write lower-
case after decades of elevating the noun, this could
be seen as an arm sweeping the past from the
pedestal into the ashcan. To pull a question out of
that hat, the one with an electric rabbit hidden
inside, can become a critique if the overreaching
world looking in is terribly nervous - like a diva
sitting in a warm-water bath extolling the benefits of
hot running water. How embarrassing, the singing
chorus says above a clatter of cubicles where the
press corps pushes out kitsch and vulgarity. Perhaps
the staged hot bath is an embarrassment but who
doesn't want to forget the tank blocking the main
street as well as every other exit. The news of each
day is that times passes quickly regardless - some
hours, however, are longer than others, with many
more minutes that count.

Mary Jo Bang
in, A Doll for Throwing: Poems

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