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"Sex for pleasure is about yourself, Love is about everybody..."

"Sex for pleasure is about yourself, Love is about everybody,
Love and sex is about getting children......Oh boy doesn't that all mixed up!
Just look at the planet, groaning under the weight!"

I agree that sex, or anything else, can of course be done for purely selfish reasons alone, but I don't necessarily see pleasure and love as opposites...
Wouldn't you agree that pleasure itself can be shared?
Don't we enjoy sharing a (pleasurable) meal with people that we love?
Or sharing the (pleasurable) experience of watching our favourite movie or listening to our favourite music?
Don't you feel that sex for pleasure can also be about sharing pleasure?... and don't you feel that sharing something we enjoy, in the hope that it brings joy and pleasure to others, is an expression of love - a form of communication and communion?
Sure, when our pleasure-seeking is entirely self-centred, inconsiderate and uncaring then it is selfish, but it's different if we take pleasure in sharing our pleasure.

And the other issue... too many people on the planet?
If we all expressed more selflessness by sharing what we love with the people around us - 'loved ones', or strangers alike - then we would be able to take care of all the people on the planet.

We don't have a shortage of space, food or other vital resources, only a shortage of love. This is a shortage that can be resolved because love doesn't run out - like my ex, Venus, used to say, "Love is an amazing resource - the more you give, the more there is... 
It doesn't run out.
It only increases."
But for us to feel able to share in a truly selfless and loving way we need to release our fears - our fear of lack, our fear of becoming weaker by sharing, our fear of being taken advantage of, and even our fear of freedom itself.

My words about sharing might be mistaken for 'communism', but what I'm talking about is 'community-building' - nurturing cooperation and trust and synergy...

You say the planet is "groaning under the weight" of so many people...

There appear to be too many people on the planet because we have such unhealthy habits. We (generally) have forgotten how to care for each other and for the planet.
For example, we group together in dirty cities where we don't feel connected to each other or to Nature - to Life itself...
We (generally) buy things without thinking about the impact that their manufacture has on the environment...
We wait for politicians to make the changes, forgetting that we have the power to shape the world - each of us in our own way - by sharing our unique gifts... and this brings us back to pleasure and love...

I feel that if we do what we love, dedicating our time and energy to what we DEEPLY love doing - what brings us pleasure and genuine satisfaction - then we will be spreading love, spreading confidence in each other's unique gifts.

I feel that Life is inherently abundant and when we humans are able to recover our communion with Life we will recognise that we are not just a plague on this planet (a mass of 'consumers')... we are potentially inspired co-creators, cultivating this vast garden with wisdom, humility, love, and joy.

Sex for pleasure can also be about sharing pleasure. 
Sharing something we enjoy, in the hope that it brings joy and pleasure to others, is an expression of love - a form of communication and communion... 
So pleasure and love do not need to be seen as opposites. 
In relation to 'too many people on the planet' and the planet "groaning under the weight" it seems to me that the problem is not the number of people. 
There is space and there are enough resources for people to live healthy, comfortable lives. 
The problem is the modern lifestyle - that's what is leading to deforestation, polluting the planet, suffering of humans and animals, endangering biodiversity, etc. etc.
If we just lean to do what we LOVE - what we're naturally good at - then we can heal ourselves and our society.


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